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Personal Flowers, What Are They, And Who Gets Them?

Wedding ceremonies often galore flowers. There's a thing called personal flowers at weddings, a unique way to add a touch of beauty and elegance.

This blog post will explore personal flowers, who gets them, and how to make the most of them. You'll learn how to create meaningful and special moments with personal flowers. So, read on to find out more!

What Is A Personal Flower In A Wedding?

A personal flower at a wedding typically refers to a floral arrangement worn by an individual involved in the wedding ceremony.

The purpose of these flowers is to complement the wedding's overall theme, color scheme, and style. The bride, groom, members of the bridal party, and sometimes family members or close friends typically wear or carry them.

Examples of personal flowers at a wedding may include:

Bridal Bouquet: The bouquet carried by the bride is typically made up of a collection of flowers arranged pleasingly and often chosen to match the bride's wedding attire and overall aesthetic.

Boutonniere: A small floral arrangement typically worn on the lapel of the groom's suit or tuxedo. It usually consists of a single flower or a small cluster of flowers.

Corsages: These are small bouquets or floral arrangements that are typically worn on the wrist or pinned to the dress of female bridal party members or close family members, such as mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom.

Flower Crowns or Hair Accessories: These are decorative floral arrangements worn on the head, either as a crown or as individual flowers or clips in the hair. The bride, bridesmaids, or flower girls often wear them.

Nosegay or Posy: A small bouquet typically carried by bridesmaids or flower girls. It is usually smaller than the bridal bouquet. It may contain similar flowers or be a smaller version of the bridal bouquet.

Who Gets Personal Flowers At A Wedding?

Now, you might be wondering who should be carrying personal flowers at the wedding. Usually, the following individuals and groups get Personal flowers:

Bride: The bride usually receives a bridal bouquet, a special arrangement of flowers she carries as she walks down the aisle. The bridal bouquet is often a focal point of the wedding flowers. It complements the bride's wedding attire and overall aesthetic.

Groom: The groom typically wears a boutonniere, a small floral arrangement worn on the lapel of his suit or tuxedo. The boutonniere usually matches the bride's bouquet and other wedding floral elements.

Bridal Party: Members of the bridal party, such as bridesmaids, maids of honor, best men, groomsmen, and flower girls, may also receive personal flowers. Bridesmaids may carry smaller bouquets, known as nosegays or posies, or wear corsages on their wrists or dresses. Flower girls may wear flower crowns or carry small bouquets or baskets of flowers.

Family Members: Close family members, such as mothers, grandmothers, and sometimes fathers, may also receive personal flowers to honor and include them in the wedding ceremony. Mothers and grandmothers commonly wear corsages, while fathers may wear boutonnieres.

The specific personal flowers can vary depending on the couple's cultural, regional, and personal preferences. It's important to work with a professional florist or wedding planner to determine who will receive personal flowers and to select the appropriate flowers and arrangements based on the couple's vision and style for their wedding.

Significance Of Personal Flowers At A Wedding

Personal flowers play a significant role in weddings. They are symbols of honor and include key individuals in the celebration. These carefully chosen floral arrangements hold special meaning and add a touch of elegance and beauty to the wedding ceremony. To understand their importance vividly, let me help you picture a wedding I helped plan just this last summer.

Imagine a beautiful outdoor wedding in a serene garden setting not too far from lake Michigan in Chicago northern supburbs. The bride walks down the aisle in her stunning white gown. She carries a bouquet of her favorite flowers and peonies. The soft purple-colored peonies complement her bridal attire perfectly, and their sweet scent fills the air. The bride’s bouquet enhances her beauty and holds deep sentimental value as her late grandmother. Her grandmother was her role model and adored peonies. Her bouquet is a cherished reminder of her beloved grandmother, symbolizing her presence on this special day.

The bride’s groom, wears a classic navy suit and a boutonniere made of a single peony bloom. The boutonniere matches her bouquet, signifying their union and the love they share. The groom’s boutonniere also serves as a conversation starter for guests. They are wondering about the significance of the flower he is wearing.

As the bridal party enters, the bride’s bridesmaids and maid of honor carry smaller bouquets of peonies. It echoes the bride's bouquet and creates a cohesive floral theme. The groomsmen, including the best man, wear matching boutonnieres, adding a sense of uniformity and elegance to the wedding party.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom exchange vows. Their mothers are wearing corsages made of peonies. They are sitting in the front row. The corsages serve as beautiful accessories and represent the unconditional love and support of their mothers.

After the ceremony, during the reception, the bride’s father gives a heartfelt speech, expressing his love and happiness for his daughter. He wears a boutonniere that matches groom’s. He also proudly announces that he will preserve it as a keepsake to remember this special day.

As you can see, personal flowers could hold deep significance. They add a meaningful touch to the wedding ceremony. Personal flowers honor loved ones, and symbolize the couple's love and union. Thus they create a cohesive theme and serve as keepsakes for cherished memories.

Personal flowers not only enhance the aesthetics of the wedding but also convey emotions, tell stories, and create lasting memories for the couple and their families. They are a cherished part of the wedding day and hold special significance in the hearts of those who receive and wear them.

Overall, personal flowers are a beautiful and meaningful tradition in weddings that add a touch of sentimentality and elegance to the celebration.


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