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Top Tips and Tricks for Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Getting ready for your wedding day and looking your absolute best is a top priority for any bride-to-be. So a trial run with hair and makeup is the way to get there! A bridal hair and makeup trial is a pre-wedding consultation with a stylist or makeup artist to try different looks, colors, and products. This is essential to wedding planning because it helps forestall any unanticipated problems.

As a wedding planner in Chicago, I know the importance of having a trial run with hair and makeup for every new bride. In this post, I'll share a few of my experiences and give you some advice to help you look your best for your big day.

Do Your Research

Research your options before booking a bridal makeup and bridal hair trial run. Consider the looks you enjoy, whether natural or dramatic, updos or natural waves, and pin several pictures that inspire you. Read through some wedding publications and blogs to get a feel for the latest trends. This will help you communicate your vision to your hair and makeup artist.

Set Your Goals

Trial runs for bridal hair and cosmetics should be scheduled at least a few weeks before the big day. You'll have plenty of time to evaluate the results, make any required changes, or try a new look. Bring all the hair and makeup tools you plan to use on the big day of the trial.

Put On White

If you want to get a feel for how you'll look on your wedding day in Chicago, try your makeup while wearing white or a close shade to it. The artist can use this information to complement your clothing better.

Bring Inspiration

Consider bringing examples of hairstyles and makeup you like to help your hair and makeup artist better serve you. Doing so will give them a starting point for uniquely designing your style. Remember that these images serve only as guides; your makeup artist will adjust the style to your unique features and skin tone.

One of the brides I worked with was hesitant to try out a new lip color for her big day. She feared it would be overly dramatic and unauthentic. Despite her initial reluctance, the artist's assurances and encouragement convinced her to try the bold lip, which she ultimately found to be a huge success. It wasn't a huge adjustment but changed how she felt on her wedding day.


Get everyone involved in the trial for your hair and makeup. You should tell your artist exactly what you like and don't like. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, mention that as well. Please consider their advice and put your faith in their experience.

Although sharing your preferences with your artist is crucial, you should also be receptive to their advice. They may suggest improvements to your appearance that you hadn't thought of before.

I remember a bride with particular ideas about how she wanted her hair and makeup done. She had brought a picture of a celebrity whose dramatic eye makeup and full lips inspired her. The artist tried to recreate the look on her, but it didn't work out well. Seeing that the previous style didn't work well with her skin tone, we quickly switched to a more natural one, and she was ecstatic with the results. This experience showed the importance of being open to the artist's advice and trusting their abilities.

Capture Images

After your trial with hair and makeup, snap photos from every angle. Do a trial run with your wedding attire to fine-tune your style before the big day. Taking pictures in various lighting conditions is also helpful for assessing how your hair and makeup fare in multiple environments.

Schedule a Touch-Up

After the hair and makeup trial, schedule a touch-up appointment with the artist on the wedding day. This will ensure that your hair and makeup look fresh throughout the day and that any last-minute touch-ups can be made.

I once had a bride whose makeup started to melt off before the ceremony. Fortunately, using bobby pins, hair ties, setting spray, and lash glue from my emergency kit. We managed to fix her hair, saving the day and making sure she looked stunning throughout the wedding. However, a touch-up with her makeup artist would have made the whole process much easier and faster.

You can find my full list of the bridal emergency kit here:

Don't forget your hair bows and veils!

You should bring your wedding veil and any other hair items you intend to wear to the trial. Your stylist can help you work them into your hairdo to keep them in place.


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